MarCom Alliance is a partnership of owner-led specialty firms providing all marketing communications services

Marketing communications, or marcom, is a comprehensive term for the many strategies and tactics used to engage prospects and customers for a business or nonprofit. Firms in the marcom services arena focus on one or more specialties, such as advertising, branding, content, design, events, exhibits, publications, public relations, social media, video or websites.

Until recently, organizations in need of marcom services had two options: source and manage multiple specialty vendors or contract with a large agency. The desire for a third option arose because vendor management is a time-consuming hassle, while large agencies with sticker-shock fees often stick smaller clients with a junior associate.

Greater value for customers

Two successful entrepreneurs set out to create a third option. They had two criteria. It had to offer a comprehensive array of marcom services with deep expertise in every skill set. It also had to create greater value for customers by taking vendor management off their plates and ensuring personal attention from top professionals.

After a year of testing and tinkering, Bill Haley and Kim Landry co-founded MarCom Alliance by forming an LLC in May 2016. Both Haley, owner of Allied Pixel, and Landry, co-owner of Hollister Creative, have led national-award-winning specialty firms for 20+ years.

Enduring partnerships for owners

Their vision was to forge close and enduring partnerships with the owners of other best-in-class marcom specialty firms. Through the MarCom Alliance, partner firms collaborate and coordinate efforts to bring customers exactly what they need, when they need it, from true experts doing what they do best.

Haley and Landry jointly select all partners based on their demonstrated success, reputation for customer service and other factors. Like Allied Pixel and Hollister Creative, partner businesses are physically located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and serve the Delaware Valley.

Vendor management headache? Large agency sticker shock?


It’s time to explore the third option.

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