About the Alliance

The MarCom Alliance business model is new: a third option intended to disrupt an entrenched either-or choice

MarCom Alliance, LLC is ten marketing communications firms in one. Each of the partners owns and leads a specialty firm known for deep expertise in one or more marcom services. The firms collaborate to provide a comprehensive array of services to business, education and nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

The business model is new and intended to disrupt an entrenched either-or choice between sourcing and managing multiple vendors or overspending on a large agency. The MarCom Alliance offers a third option that eliminates vendor headaches and high agency costs while retaining the best of both worlds: the passion for excellence and personal attention for which owner-led firms are rightly known, along with the one-call-to-source-it-all convenience of a large agency.

Client needs determine which partner firms will collaborate on a specific project or ongoing managed services. The Alliance puts together a team with exactly the right capabilities, which could include research, strategy, web, content, design, video, social, PR, events, trade shows — or any other specialty. Partner firms are committed to sharing information across the team and coordinating activities in the best interests of the client.