MTM LinguaSoft, a Marcom Alliance partner specializing in translation for multilingual digital content, sponsors the kickoff event of the Philadelphia Software Localization Meetup on March 9, 2017. Project manager Ken Farrall presents “Encoding Nightmares,” an in-depth look at the impact of character encoding mismatches on the software localization process. Ken draws on his experiences as a manager of multilingual localization projects and as a full-stack developer to share best practices for prepping code for translation and localization, and for identifying and resolving “encoding nightmares” if and when they arise. The event will include general discussion and refreshments.

The Philadelphia Software Localization Meetup provides opportunities for professionals to share experiences and best practices for software translation and localization. Developers, project managers, and content creators in the Greater Philadelphia area are encouraged to join. Future panels and round-table discussions will address the challenging process of adapting digital media for international markets. For more information, visit the Philadelphia Software Localization Meetup page.