By Sal Trovato, 701 Creative

The Holiday Season can be overwhelming. The halls are being decked earlier and earlier every year and the name brands are promoting Black Friday sales before the summer is even over. Companies try to squeeze as much holiday business in as they can, and sometimes consumers pay the price with advertising overload. So as a small business, how are you supposed to compete with big money advertising?

Here are five tips to keep you competitive without breaking the bank this holiday season.


You already have a built in pool of consumers in your email list, so make sure you reach out to them with special offers tailored for the holidays. Consider scheduling a 12 days of savings campaign via your email newsletter, offer discounts, or create a holiday specific product that is only offered to the email list. Making them feel a little warm and fuzzy during the cold winter months can help boost sales.


There are a lot of ways to engage customers on channels like Facebook and Instagram, but how do you stand out from the endless scrolling that is social media today? One way is to run a holiday contest. Run a promotion and require a “Like”, “Comment” and a “Share” to be entered. This will extend your reach to not only your current followers, but to their entire network as well.

Last year 701 Creative developed a campaign for a jewelry client and gave away a gold pendant. During the first week of December we promoted the upcoming giveaway. For the next two weeks we ran the contest leading up to Christmas, then we posted pictures and testimonials from the winner when she picked up her prize the following week. We were able to get an entire month’s worth of holiday promotion and increased their social following using an item that they had overstock.


Partnering with a local charity is a wonderful way to get your message out while supporting the values that are near and dear to not only your heart, but that of your customers. Many people are looking to support charities during this time of the year, so offering some sort of incentive to your sales such as a partial donation can help build your brand as one that gives back and is involved in the community.


The holiday season is the perfect time to target internet shoppers with strategic retargeting on websites. Retargeting engages shoppers that are actively searching for products that you offer. You can create a campaign that serves ads to people that have visited your and/or competitor’s website, or to people that have just entered certain keywords into Google.

We have all had retargeting happen to us…you are searching for something online and the next thing, you are seeing ads for it on every other website you visit. It can be annoying at times, but repetition is the name of the game when it comes to advertising, especially during this time of year. For example, we all complain about holiday music being played too early, but before you know it you have heard the same song 100 times and you’re humming right along. This proves repetition is effective.


One of the best marketing tools during the holidays is creating a personal connection. Social media marketing certainly has a tremendous impact on a business’ bottom line, but a personalized card can make all the difference. While you can also extend an e-card to your email and social lists, a special handwritten note to key clients wishing them all the best in the holiday season can remind them of why they do business with you. Consider offering a small gift card or coupon with the card. When they come to redeem it, they will most likely spend more than the value of the card.

However you choose to promote your business during this time of year, these strategies should help you deliver on your sales goals and bring good cheer to your customers.

From all of us at 701 Creative, we wish you the best this holiday season!