By Embarq Creative

Over the last decade, digital marketing has grown exponentially, leaving trade shows as one of the last face-to-face resources. Trade shows present a unique opportunity by drawing in your direct target audience, full of decision makers and professionals within your specific industry. While trade shows can require a large part of your marketing budget, there are many benefits to exhibiting at trade shows.

1. Boost Your Brand Visibility
For any business, a trade show can provide a unique opportunity to increase exposure. Trade shows allows businesses to show who they are and what they do, showing off products and sharing company news. Whether you have a large or small business, there are many components in an exhibit that can help heighten brand awareness. With the integration of product displays, interactive media or bold graphics, you’re sure to get them in your booth!

2. Sales and Lead Opportunities
With thousands of attendees walking the trade show floor, there is a large opportunity to gain leads and sales from the event. With a well thought out marketing strategy, your brand can stand out among the rest, and you can gain great booth traffic. To help increase leads and sales:

  • Purchasing a badge scanner is a great way to help gather and sort through leads, with minimal costs involved.
  • Offering “trade show pricing” can help incentivize attendees, to help close a deal from the trade show floor.
3. Take Advantage of Face-to-Face Marketing
The experience of face-to face marketing cannot be recreated digitally. With the ability to shake someone’s hand and look them in the eye, you have more control of your message and how it will resonate. Participating in a trade show offers the ability to meet face-to-face with many people, who have already come to see what you can offer. Meeting face-to-face allows you to strengthen your brand, create lasting business relationships, close sales and generate leads.

4. Showcase New Products & Services
Incorporating creative product displays can help set the stage in building face-to-face connections. Launching a new product at a trade show will help gain instant exposure and help your business’ new product gain traction – allowing customers to experience the new product or service first hand will increase interest and sales.

5. Build Lasting Relationships within Your Industry
Every business relies on another business in some capacity. Taking the opportunity to meet others within the industry, you will discover ways in which you can help each other. We often associate trade shows with sales and lead generation, but it’s also a great networking opportunity. This helps you to understand how your business fits into the bigger picture within your industry.

6. Customer Feedback
When attending a trade show, you also have a unique opportunity to receive real-time feedback about your products and services. Accepting and understanding the feedback gives your company the opportunity to improve or understand additional needs customers are looking for.

Now that you have some great reasons for exhibiting at a trade show, take the time to research some shows in your industry and decide what shows are most important to your business.